My favorite part of the coaching sessions with Sakinah was the strengths and weaknesses test.

I found that my top 5 strengths were…

1.       Judgement

2.       Perspective

3.       Hope

4.       Zest

5.       Spirituality

We discussed ways I can put these strengths into practiced. Many times, I tend to focus on things I’m not good at and see how I can improve on them. When she asked me, “Have you ever thought about focusing on your strengths rather than weakness?” This opened-up a whole new perspective for me. Finding out my strengths and putting them into practice, I found that my journey to reaching my goals has been more enjoyable now that I am focused on what I love doing and naturally good at. 

Another takeaway I learned was learning how to set goals. I am really good at coming up with ideas, however, what I struggled most with was actually setting the goal itself. Actually, breaking my ideas down into action steps. We worked on something called Smart Goals where it breaks down the goal into small action steps into my schedule so I can create small wins for myself. I tend to set big goals for myself, however what I learned by implementing small action steps and getting them done. I am creating small wins, which is bringing me closer to accomplishing my Big goal.  It’s important to set small goals for ourselves and celebrate the small wins so we can see that we are making progress. This has helped me to enjoy the journey as well.

Lastly, I just love accountability. For someone who is their own boss especially, now that I have no one to report to like teachers or bosses to keep me accountable. I now have Sakinah as my coach, who is guiding me and coaching me along the way. Sakinah is such an amazing coach and she provides you with the accountability and tools you need to succeed. 

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